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Why Choose California Natural Swimming Pools?

California Natural Pools = Leader in Natural Swimming Pool Designs and Builds

Natural Swimming Pools are widely enjoyed throughout Europe and Australia where conservation, ecology and sustainability are an inherent part of the culture. With more than 20,000 Natural Swimming Pool installations currently in use, it’s clear that Europeans and Australians are way ahead of the curve in wholeheartedly embracing the notion of Natural Swimming Pools. These installations include private as well as public Natural Swimming Pools accommodating thousands of swimmers per day.

We have sought out educational experiences in Natural Swimming Pool design and construction.  We focused our training in Europe where for over 25 years Natural Swimming Pools have enjoyed a proven track-record of public and private installations.

Now you no longer have to imagine a spring fed pond. With California Natural Pools you can make Mother Nature’s swimming pool your own – it’s like having an ultimate natural swimming experience in your own backyard. See first hand the transformation from a blank landscape to a beautiful California Natural Swimming Pool by watching our featured episode of Animal Planet’s – “The Pool Master, Edible Ojai”. Our Natural Swimming Pools were also selected by Sunset Magazine as the Best Import of 2015.


California Natural Pools is highly trained in Design Elements, Limnology, Construction Techniques, Hydraulics, and Filtration Systems. We build with proven technology to ensure our Natural Swimming Pools are safe and will function reliably for many years.

Your peace of mind is ensured by the controls enforced through our detailed Quality Process: every California Natural Pool project is constructed to rigorous standards in design, engineering, and construction. We also document each step of the process for future reference.

As part of the Quality Process you will receive a customized Homeowner Manual and maintenance training.

Natural Swimming Pools: The Natural Choice

If you’re considering constructing a new pool or remodeling an existing pool, consider all the factors, including healthier, organic living and the environment. Join the tens of thousands of Europeans who have chosen a Natural Swimming Pool and be part of this movement to make sustainable choices as this technology spreads “naturally” throughout California. Free yourself from chlorine and chemical maintenance while saving energy, enjoying a beautifully landscaped water environment, and being ecologically responsible.

Make the Natural Choice and let California Natural Pools provide you and your family with years of healthy recreation.

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