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Recent Projects

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Our California Natural Pools are designed to enhance the outdoor living ambience desired by our clients. Whether the client wants to create a feeling that their Natural Swimming Pool was a pond created on their property hundreds of years ago or wants a contemporary style pool with pure, natural water we can help them achieve their dreams. We offer aesthetic design services or work with a design you have already chosen. We use the highest building standards to ensure the end results are high quality, well-built pools with a great attention to detail. In California, due to the ground rodent activity, we recommend gunite or shock-crete vessels. All our Natural Swimming Pools are structurally engineered and permitted for your safety as well as peace of mind.

Our Recent Projects


6,000 ft2 Natural Swimming Pool

This project is part of a historic restoration of a significant architectural landmark in Pasadena, CA. The project is multi-faceted and still under construction. We look forward to when we can share final photos. The lake was designed by Isabelle C. Greene, FASLA using her vast knowledge of plants, natural waters, detailed research, and memories from her childhood when she visited the property.

The design incorporates features that were present in the historic lake such as the colossal boulders sourced from Southwest Boulder of Fallbrook, CA. We also recreated an area to allow for the reflection of the house.  The large NSP begins with a gently sloped “beach” entry and culminates with a beautiful Lotus area and a feature unique to this pool. The client wanted the ability to swim among the beautiful floating Lotus and Waterlilies so our very cleaver builder, Troy Becker, customized a swim channel as the perfect solution to the request. The clients can enjoy the beautiful plants, crystal clear water and the lovely sound of a nearby creek flowing into the lake from inside the pool and out. A separate spa was incorporated into the design and finished in a vibrant colored tile with a dark edge to both standout and blend with the lake’s overall design.

Designed by Isabelle C. Greene, FASLA. Built in collaboration with Anthony Archer-Wills. Some photos provided by Southwest Boulder.


360 ft² Natural Swimming Pool
290 ft² Regeneration Zone

This project was design by the client’s architect and required some creative calculations to ensure functionality. The Natural Swimming Pool provides beautiful reflections of the house and a lush water garden which can be seen from most of the home. The water then cascades down a series of custom scuppers to multi-level Regeneration Zones which not only provides a stunning visual element to the entrance of the house but also provides the soothing sound of falling water to help dampen the sounds of the city. The project also includes a built-in spa and Baja bench for relaxing.

Designed by California Natural Pools and Diego & Resa Caivano

Los Angeles

684 ft² Natural Swimming Pool
545 ft² Regeneration Zone
Conversion from Chemical Pool

This project was the first conversion in the United States from a sterile pool to a Natural Swimming Pool. The original pool was built in the 1950’s and was leaking. We repaired the substantial crack and resized the pool to better fit the outdoor living space the clients desired for entertaining in the backyard.

The family now enjoys the sound of cascading water from the lush planted Regeneration Zone and clean, organic swimming water. The young children are also gaining an education as they watch the changes occurring seasonally with the plants, dragonflies and other pollinators attracted to the beautiful blooms provided by the Regeneration Zone.

Designed by California Natural Pools and Robin Petersson & David Zucker


220 ft² Raised Lap Pool
585 ft² Reflecting Pond as Regeneration Zone

This unique design evokes Moroccan charm and color to blend with the custom house. The water feature begins as a bubbling fountain flowing down a channel filled with handmade custom tiles spilling into an elaborate chlorine alternative spa. The project continues with the raised Natural Swimming Pool complete with an automatic cover and hand formed cover tiles.

The Regeneration Zone is a separate reflecting pond terraced to blend into the dry landscape. The design also incorporates stepping stones and a walkway to provide up close viewing of the water garden. The entire project is surrounded by custom walls for privacy and enticing built-in seating areas.

Designed by California Natural Pools and Design Concepts, Inc.


810 ft² Natural Swimming Pool
436 ft² Regeneration Zones
50 ft² Flowing Creek and 2 Waterfalls

California Natural Pools teamed up with Animal Planet’s “The Pool Master” for this Natural Swimming Pool build. The clients wanted a lap pool with an automatic cover, Baja bench and a creek. The landscape was appropriate to build two Regeneration Zones as ponds connected by a creek and series of waterfalls. The final waterfall is a focal point visually and audibility as the bubbling water falls over the final rock and under a custom channel into the Natural Swimming Pool.

Designed by California Natural Pools and Anthony Archer-Wills

Natural Swimming Pools: The Natural Choice

If you’re considering constructing a new pool or remodeling an existing pool, consider all the factors, including healthier, organic living and the environment. Join the tens of thousands of Europeans who have chosen a Natural Swimming Pool and be part of this movement to make sustainable choices as this technology spreads “naturally” throughout California. Free yourself from chlorine and chemical maintenance while saving energy, enjoying a beautifully landscaped water environment, and being ecologically responsible.

Make the Natural Choice and let California Natural Pools provide you and your family with years of healthy recreation.

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