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Natural Swimming Pool Designs

What Type of Natural Swimming Pool Is Best For You?

Depending on your personal design preferences, space and budget, California Natural Pools offers unlimited designs of Natural Swimming Pools. The swimming area of the pool can look like a conventional swimming pool or a natural pond in virtually limitless configurations. The Regeneration Zone or water garden can be located adjacent to the swimming area, in a remote location depending on the space available or be replaced with a hidden Biological-Fast Flow filter. Some size requirements are necessary for the proper function of the Natural Swimming Pool and each installation is custom tailored to the property and to the climate.

Along with enjoying the unique beauty of a Natural Swimming Pool, you’ll be
able to relax in the comfort of knowing that you and your family are swimming in a chemical – free, organic pool that’s beneficial to the environment and energy efficient.

Different Types of Natural Swimming Pools

Without A Planted Water Garden

We are very excited to offer this new, innovative system of bringing chemical free, clear, clean swimming water to your new pool design. The affordability of this Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) offers an easier conversion from a sterile pool and more flexibility in new builds by requiring less space and equipment. The Biological-Fast Flow filter offers a new way of building an NSP in a more cost-effective matter. The end result is the same organic, pure swimming water without chemicals, expensive sterilization units, salts or plants.

Attached Regeneration Zone(s)

Many clients choose a Natural Swimming Pool for the beauty of designing a pond-like swimming experience surrounded by plants. Upgrading to surround your swimming area with the Regeneration Zone offers designs that best mimic nature! The planted area is separated from the swimming area by an underwater wall to protect the plants. This exclusive design is truly unique to our Natural Swimming Pools.

Separated Regeneration Zone(s)

This ultra-luxurious option allows for the most flexibility and elegant designs. The Regeneration Zone(s) can be located anywhere on your property for an ability to create a distinctive design that compliments your outdoor living ambience. Imagine a verdant, reflecting pond or planted fountain as a focal point in your landscape. These picturesque water features not only bring character to your property but they actually function as part of the eco-system which cleans and filters your Natural Swimming Pool.

Natural Swimming Pools: The Natural Choice

If you’re considering constructing a new pool or remodeling an existing pool, consider all the factors, including healthier, organic living and the environment. Join the tens of thousands of Europeans who have chosen a Natural Swimming Pool and be part of this movement to make sustainable choices as this technology spreads “naturally” throughout California. Free yourself from chlorine and chemical maintenance while saving energy, enjoying a beautifully landscaped water environment, and being ecologically responsible.

Make the Natural Choice and let California Natural Pools provide you and your family with years of healthy recreation.

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