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About California Natural Pools

California Natural Pools is a trained, experienced builder of Natural Swimming Pools. We work to promote state-of-the-art Natural Swimming Pool design, construction, aesthetics and maintenance.

We have undergone extensive training in Europe as well as in the United States.  We have demonstrate proficiency in:

Design Elements
Filtration Systems
Mechanical Cleaning Devices
Technology, Biology
Construction Techniques

This is your assurance that every Natural Swimming Pool we build is constructed and serviced by only the best trained, dedicated and knowledgeable people.

What is a Natural Swimming Pool?

A Natural Swimming Pool is a contained vessel consisting of a swimming area and one or more separated Regeneration Zones. No chemicals, salts or mechanical devices are used to disinfect or sterilize the water. Rather, our eco-friendly technology mimics, enhances, and optimizes Mother Nature’s natural processes for clean, clear water.

The Regeneration Zone(s) can be luxurious water gardens with carefully selected aquatic plants to help with the cleaning of the pool and to support the ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms. The Regeneration Zone(s) can also be “hidden” under a lawn or deck.

Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

Unlike traditional chemical pools, Natural Swimming Pools create a healthy, living ecosystem that will not cause irritation or dry skin. The additives commonly found in sterile pool water are a direct contradiction to truly fresh, pure, natural swimming water. With our designs, pool owners and swimmers will never endure the harsh effects of powerful oxidizing chemicals.

Natural Swimming Pools use far less energy, have a smaller carbon footprint, and are more sustainable than chemical pools. You can enjoy rejuvenating, chemical free, healthier swimming water by converting your swimming pool or designing a new waterscape feature as a Natural Swimming Pool. In addition to the healthful swimming, the planted Regeneration Zone(s) help support local wildlife such as honeybees, dragonflies, and other pollinators plus are a beautiful, unique landscape feature allowing for picturesque, colorful plants without irrigation run off.

Recent Projects

We are proud of the unique work we have done with our clients. We carefully listen to our client’s ideas and desires then work with them to blend our Natural Swimming Pool designs with their outdoor living environment. We can start from the beginning by providing aesthetic designs to create a new waterscape or convert an existing sterile pool into a restored, biodiverse Natural Swimming Pool.

Our builds have been featured on Animal Planets’ Pool Master show and have received various awards from Innovations in Landscape Design to Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency. We invite you to explore our designs further.

Our Store

California Natural Pools is headquartered at Ojai Pool Store, in Ojai California. Ojai Pool Store is the leading expert in alternatives to chlorine pools. The Ojai Pool Store offers a vast array of conventional pool/spa products and services.

Natural Swimming Pools: The Natural Choice

If you’re considering constructing a new pool or remodeling an existing pool, consider all the factors, including healthier, organic living and the environment. Join the tens of thousands of Europeans who have chosen a Natural Swimming Pool and be part of this movement to make sustainable choices as this technology spreads “naturally” throughout California. Free yourself from chlorine and chemical maintenance while saving energy, enjoying a beautifully landscaped water environment, and being ecologically responsible.

Make the Natural Choice and let California Natural Pools provide you and your family with years of healthy recreation.

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